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pidan "Dodging Ball" Electronic Cat Interactive Toy

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Moves and turns automatically.

This rolling ball gets your cat moving. It helps your cat stay in shape by keep moving. 

The ball rolling and the light flashing arouse your cat's preying nature.

Because of centrifugal rotation, it changes direction automatically when it meets an obstacle. So, it will never get stuck.

Built-in laser pointer and LED of three colors.

Two modes: 1) LED mode and 2) LED and laser mode.

  • Pressing the button once switches on the LED mode: Rolling + LED.
  • Pressing the button again switches to LED and laser mode: Rolling + LED + laser.
  • Pressing the button one more time switches off the ball.

Power off automatically in ten minutes.

To change the batteries: Unfasten the screw of the battery cover with a screwdriver. Put new three of AAA batteries, and fasten the screw of the cover back on.


1. Requires three AAA batteries to use this product.

2. This product has two major components: the internal part and the outer shell. The internal component is not washable.

3. Don't use this product at a high place. Because it might fall and break.

4. When the product is in operation, there will be a laser beam shooting out. Don't directly point at a person's or pet's eyes. 

Product information.

This product is suitable for cats.

Material: ABS plastic, counterweight, and electrical component.

Size: 76 x 76 x 76 mm