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pidan Cat Litter Tofu Mix: Original Tofu Cat Litter with Feline Urine Occult Blood Test Particles

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The pidan original cat litter tofu mix is the upgraded version of the pidan original tofu cat litter.

Why upgrade?

Because feline lower urinary tract disease or FLUTD is more and more common in cats, cats with FLUTD have blood in the urine. So, if a cat's urine has blood in it, it means the cat needs medical attention.

And because the blood in the urine is initially invisible to the naked eye, it is easy to delay the treatment.

Also, because cats treated for FLUTD have a high chance of recurrence, so even after treatment, long-term observation and regular testing of cat hematuria are essential to the cat's health.

Thinking for cats and you, pidan created a better version of the original tofu cat litter by adding the feline urine occult blood test particles to the original tofu cat litter to detect blood in the cat urine.

Benefits and features of pidan Original Mixed Tofu Cat Litter:

  1. It is purely natural and made of food-grade bean dregs. If not made into tofu cat litter, these bean dregs will be taken to landfills and thrown away. pidan recycles the bean dregs and turns them into suitable cat litter.

  1. The feline urine occult blood test particle is also all-natural, made of microcrystalline cellulose extracted from wood pulp and pure cotton. Microcrystalline cellulose, widely used in pharmacy, cosmetics, food, and other industries, is a non-toxic and non-irritating substance. In addition, it will not be absorbed by the body when digested. After research and development, the feline urine occult blood test particles are confirmed effective in testing blood in urine and have no reports on harming cats and the environment.

  1. There are no artificial additives so that cats can use them with peace of mind.

  1. It is entirely dust-free, so it is very friendly to people or cats with respiratory issues.

  1. Clumping is easy and fast. Because the quicker and easier the clumping is, the quicker the odor will be controlled or eliminated. Also, a clumped cat litter will be easier to clean up.

  1. There are various ways to dispose of it after use. For example, you can flush down the toilet, dispose of it as garbage, and, if allowed, use it as fertilizer for flowers and plants.

  1. Because each pack of cat litter has two different diameter sizes, the excrement can be wrapped more and dissolved in water better.

  1. It saves on usage because, typically for one cat, one pack lasts three to four weeks.

  1. It clumps well and has sponge-like absorption.

  1. The feline urine occult blood test particles will turn blue-green for 48 hours when cat hematuria is detected, even if only a small amount of colorless blood is encountered. It is usually the same color as the tofu cat litter.

  1. It reduces litter tracking. The cat will not easily bring out the cat litter from the litter box.

  1. It is pure tofu cat litter, not a mixture of two kinds of cat litter.

Overall, the pidan cat litter tofu mix has the advantages of the older version of the original tofu cat litter and monitors the cat's health by detecting cat hematuria. The pidan original cat litter tofu mix is the best cat litter ever!

Things you need to pay attention to using this cat litter

  1. Direct exposure to intense light or friction with metal will cause the feline urine occult blood test particles to lose the detection effect. Therefore, please avoid using it in the above scenes.

  2. The minerals contained in bentonite will also affect the test results. Therefore, do not use this product with other types of cat litter.

  3. Mixing the upgraded version with other types of cat litter other than tofu cat litter will only affect the ability to detect hemoglobin. Everything else remains the same. So, when the test particles cannot detect hemoglobin, the upgraded version would be the original tofu cat litter.

  4. When flushing it down the toilet, the cat litter should not be excessive at once to avoid clogging.

  5. Spread the cat litter flat in the cat litter box with a thickness of 3-5 cm. To make the cat have a cleaner toileting experience, we recommend cleaning the cat litter every day.

  6. Regarding the bag losing its vacuum: losing vacuum is due to the unavoidable turbulence of the transport and the collision with other packages during transportation, so it is normal. Because the vacuum packaging is for dust removal and convenient placement into the outer box, losing the vacuum does not affect the performance and shelf life of the cat litter. So please rest assured to use it.

  7. Regarding color difference, cat litter's color from different batches may be slightly different, which is normal. Please rest assured to use it.


Product Parameters

Product Info

Product Name: Cat Litter-Tofu Original

This product is suitable for cats of all ages.

Product Dimension: 27 x 22 x 9 cm per bag / 10.6 x 8.7 x 3.6 inch per bag

Specification Information

Specification: 6 L per bag

Material: Bean Dregs, Starch, Guar Gum, Occult Blood Test Particles (Microcrystalline cellulose) 10 g / 22 lb

Net Weight: 2.4 kg per bag /5.28 lb

Shelf Life: 2 years