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请在STEP 1备注栏填(如下图)写上您的订单号或您的姓名,以方便对账,

如果您没有在备注栏中填写您的订单号或姓名,请将您完成付款的页面截图发至 customerservice@teddybob.ca , 或是简讯 778-522-8228 或是微信号: teddybob_inc , 谢谢.

Please fill in the Notes column of STEP 1 (as shown in the screenshot below) and write your order number or your name,
If you do not fill in your order number or name in the Notes column, please send a screenshot of the page where you completed the payment to customerservice@teddybob.ca , or text message 778-522-8228 or WeChat account: teddybob_inc , thank you.